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Marlene Lingham
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Thank you everyone, glad you liked the page. It was a big decision, based partly on our Best Man and his desire to go to Canada (his mum was Canadian) and partly on the fact that Russell’s Dad had turned down a job in Tasmania after the war. It was tough at first but we met some lovely people, found jobs and somewhere to live, and have never regretted the decision. The really hard part is being so far away from family (we don’t have kids of our own) but that is better now with Skype. And yes, Cristina, I do have lots of stories about our life here as I’m sure everyone does, it is only because of Cassel’s Challenges that I am starting to do pages about them.

Mary I was sorry to hear of your loss, it must be a very hard time for you. Hopefully chatting and sharing with us will help a little bit.