Start telling your story TODAY

You can do it; just follow these easy steps.

1- Download your copy of Paintshop Pro (the trial version is free and good for 30 days)

2- Install your Paintshop Pro on your computer

3- Set up Paintshop Pro and configure your resources for convenient use

4- Play around with layers; they are the main foundation to create projects in Paintshop Pro

5- Create your first scrapbook project

If you are already comfortable with Paintshop Pro,

you can skip to these projects.

Simply click on the preview to reach the project tutorials.

Project #2

Project #3

Project #4

Project #5

Do you want to go further?

Do you want more projects with more advanced techniques and tutorials to create more layouts?

Do you want to learn more about using Paintshop Pro features to work more efficiently?

Checkout the Basic Scrap Course 1

Cassel is the owner and main instructor in the Scrapbook Campus.

She has been teaching digital scrapbooking for over 10 years.

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