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    Since members of the Campus seem to like to be challenged, here is another one for you.

    Once a month, a single word will be given to you and you will have to use it in your layout/project.

    In April the word will be SPRING. It can be used as meaning the season, but it can also be used as a verb or any other way you can think of (I know you can all be so creative!).

    Are you up to the challenge? Post your projects in this thread (it can be older projects you did; nobody would know if you don’t tell) or, if you want, our PSP Scrapbook Showcase pinboard on Pinterest is always there to showcase what is being shared in the Campus (if you need an invite, let me know)



    thank you Cassel for the new challenges you have put up… I have enjoyed doing them. Here is my pic of a card I have just done  to fit in with this Word Challenge.. Spring


    This is what I’ve made for the Word Challenge. I used some of the techniques taught by Cassel for papers, pin and tag.

    I used the StitchedEdge2 Script for the title and added the Screw Picture Tube.

    I was thinking of adding some embellishment at the bottom but I didn’t know what… so I left like this.



    Dawn, nice page. I am still waiting for spring here, as we got another 6 inches of snow last night! Good thing, it didn’t last too long!

    Cristina, I seem to recognize the “template” as something shown in the Build your Baby book. Is that correct? Remember that there is no need to add mounts of elements. Simpler can easily be better!


    We are halfway through Autumn, have just had some beautiful sunny and warm days but now the rain and cold has started, so it was nice to look back on last Spring and the wonderful wildflowers we saw in Western Australia. I used the Scattered Photo script from Cassel and the Woven Ribbon freebie to do the frame.


    You are totally right, Cassel

    For the challenges here, I like to use the techniques you have shown us, because this is a way for me to learn and praticse, instead of using somebody’s else kit. I have fun doing it. 🙂

    Now I am looking forward to the No Kit Scrap – 2 presentation on May 7th.

    Nice pages, April and Marlene!


    The HTML code that appeared above was not written by me 🙂



    Here is my last pic for this Word ..Spring challenge for month of April. I tried to be a bit creative with this one and use the word as an action. Cristina and Marlene your pages are very nice. I also want to say thank you to Cassel for starting these new challenges.. I enjoy them very much.



    I loved the texture of the papers and the way you disposed images and text, April. Lovely page.



    Thank you Cristina for your comments  on the page I did. I started out with Cassel’s Lab6-12 Template modified it to suit what I wanted. The texture in the papers I did was with an old plugin called Texturizer it has a burlap, sandstone, canvas effects in it . I also did up a rose brush which I have added to the pink paper.


    I didn’t know this plugin, looks interesting… The process of creation is what I think it is great, the small details that in the end make a difference.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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