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ty ty ty ty ty x 100

cindy harris

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I got sidetracked with other stuff so I worked on this project in stages - a good thing. There were several a few tricks you showed that helped me recover from my missteps. One was to change the opacity to determine an area for selection to match what is underneath.


I'm not yet comfortable with the shadowing on the ribbon. That will come with practice. It took several tries but I began to see the difference and understand the importance of the detail.


Thanks for a great course. I'm looking forward to working in The Lab.

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Hi Cassel,

I put the file where you said and I found it easy. I put them in front of a old home and SO now I can put shapes in


sorry couldn't figure it out without your help thanks Wished there was plants in them. ty


I had a tube in my 2020 and i put a bike and some flowers in the pots you gave me :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Awesome Teacher :)

I had so much fun lighting up the path for all the creatures :) lol it was fun did I do okay omg took me a couple hrs its


never easy like you do, but I am happy with it. Coudlnt turn the lights on forever then moved the layers around and bout


fell out my chair I was so happy lol luv Diamond to ty.

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I went back to the license plate still cant do it, or further on that cut out :( But where I got stuck this time, It made the white plate and the red line around it but it wont do the inner bevel mine is red see picture and it only bevels looks to me like the whole plate its supposed to be white with a red line but its all red?
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