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PSP X-3 and Windows 10

Robert Boers

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PSP X3 is not OFFICIALLY compatible with Windows 10. Some people have it installed and working without issues, others can't get it to work anymore. I don't have first-hand experience because I still use W7. It seems to be a split between those who can and those who can't get it to work. Also, I heard that if it works, any Windows update might break it. Is that the only version you have? You might want to set your mind to possibly upgrade to a newer version *IF* the combination is not working, which you likely won't know until you try it.


Good luck!

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I have also heard that on various forums, and it does seem to work for some, but not for everybody.


As I said, that version is not "officially" compatible with W10, so there is no guarantee. If you are ok with having a plan B to upgrade to another version, then, it might be worth trying.

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I finally had to renew my pc, and the new one had W11 (version 23H2). I tried with beating hart to install my faithfull X-3 on, and  lo and behold,  it worked! I did need to install the 5 patches for it to work properly, but the thumb nails still need to be installed, but I forgot, where I stored them. So I 'll search the blogs for the download. But I do have the old PSP X-3!.

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