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February BINGO Challenge (2024)


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I am providing you with a card with 24 elements that can be included in a layout. You can make a bingo by using any element in a straight line that would make a bingo, whether it is a horizontal line, a vertical line, or a diagonal line. That means that you have to include 5 (or only 4 if you use the FREE in the center) elements in your layout. Of course, you can have more than one bingo if you want to create more than one layout.

Once you post your layout, tell us what 4-5 elements from the Bingo card you are using (it is just easier for everyone to check on you! ? )

So, here is your card, for February 2024.


If you are a DIAMOND member and want to create those elements, you are more than welcome. All the elements listed have a tutorial inside the membership. If you don't have access to those tutorials, or if you don't want to do anything from scratch, you can also use ready-made elements. There is no rule for or against that.

The only rule: have fun and be creative!

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15 minutes ago, Corrie Kinkel said:

Carole I want to use the first horizontal row for my bingo, but I can't find the tutorial for the Lacy Ribbon! I checked the element tutorials and all the Labs and did so a couple of times.  So please help! 

Oh... that is interesting. Since there is a preview, I obviously did a tutorial. Let me find it!

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When I had some time left during the Mask Workshop I made all the elements for this challenge and have now figured out how to combine them to a more or less coherent layout. After I got the idea I could color the triangle pattern and the lacy ribbon. The black and white ones go in my stash for future use. The background is part of a template by Lady 22.



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