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Lab 13 - 03 Template + Wooden token + Decorated metal charm


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Lab 13 - 03
I used the template : link in the notebook.
Made the Wooden token and Decorated metal charm tutorial.
The digit beads were made with the cass-Alpha-beads script.
The other elements come from pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/feb-2017-blog-train-final-list: themagnoliapatch.blogspot.com WinterFun-addon.
Own photos, January 2009, Belgium, Waterloo. A walk with my first Scottish Collie Enzo.

I'm not entirely happy with the metal charms I made, I think it doesn't look that metallic.




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This is awesome, Marie-Claire! You’re right, the charm doesn’t look metallic, but it *does* look wooden, so that’s cool, too. The metallic letters are beautiful, as is the entire layout. I’m going to Google Scottish Collie because I thought you once said Pancho was a Rough Collie. I want to see if there is a difference in Europe that we don’t know about over here! ☺️

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