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Lesley Maple

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Should I put a shadow with the netting?  I opted not to because it just really made the whole bit darker and I didn't care for that look.  But maybe there are settings that might work that I don't know about.  (Currently using PSP 2022)  This is my first time using a pocket template and I'd appreciate any comments on what I could do to make the layout better.  I care for dogs (and cats) in my job and this is my showcase of January's clients (though I just realized I left out three so I will have to do it all over again anyway).  I was thinking about doing a page or two like this every month and at the end of the year have them made into a book at Shutterfly at the end of the year to give as thank you gifts to my clients.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your comments. And thanks to Carole for her masterclass on Pocket Scrapbooking.  It helped a lot.


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Elements like netting are a bit of a challenge to shadow. As you tried, it can make the whole element too dark. If you were to hold a net onto a piece of paper, you will likely see SOME shadow. However, it will likely be THIN (so with a small offset). It will likely be VERY FAINT (low opacity) while the BLUR will make sure that the shadow won't overpower the netting. Considering those points, play with the settings and see which one would work well.

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