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  1. Day 1 I have managed to get some work done this week (between the computer and an external drive) in spite of my full disc. I plan on continuing to work on some more of the lessons this week! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the fabulous creative work that has been posted during the workshop. My pages were Sunflowers from 2022, they are dwarf Sunflowers that I grew in containers on a tabletop. I live in a woodland setting with spots of sunshine, but I have always loved Sunflowers. I have read that you can't grow them under trees, but I think this proves them wrong! If you don't have much space to garden, I would highly recommend giving dwarf Sunflowers a try it is very rewarding!
  2. I got a good start today on day 1 project! Here comes the but...my computer had other ideas, (DISC IS NEARLY FULL). I was able to clean disc and remove some data, so I have a good start on #1. My pics that I plan to use have been decided on, and I have a new computer I have just been dragging my feet on getting it up and running. (I think it's time) it should be an interesting week! Looking forward to seeing everyone's creative work.
  3. Day #6 Still poking along...definite time crunch lately, sorry I had to cut corners but I really wanted to participate! I am trying to keep into this, I really enjoy the group. The posts have been outstanding! I used a sunflower tube for the O, for the script I used the rope knot from my older version (Jasc 9). I thought the yellow kind of reminded me of the petals on a sunflower. Thanks to Cassel and everyone for a great workshop....
  4. Day #7 Very fun lesson! Fall/Autumn is my favorite time of year. I will definitely Use this Title in the future for a scrapbook page. I have saved the titles in PSP format so that I can still use them, and tweak them if needed. So many possibilities! (so little time) One more day to practice and learn new techniques from this workshop....
  5. Day #5 Working on this one I realized that I really need to add more textures to my supply in PSP, and practice the technique, but It was fun doing the overlap method!
  6. Day #4 A simple path which can be used on future scrapbook pages, I have lots of pics from family vacations spent at The nearby pond! I dropped in a few butterflies so it wasn't so plain.....
  7. Day #2 Managed to have some time to work on a few of the titles from the text workshop.
  8. Lois Duckworth your card #5 is so sweet it really melts my heart!
  9. Card 3- I have had these elements for a year now and thought this layout would be perfect them. I really like the background design a lot. The font that I used is call Sophia. Thanks, Carole, for all that you do in helping members on our journey.....
  10. Sticking with the Christmas cards so far, This will take some of the pressure off when looking for last minute ideas! I thought the colors of this card could also be used for a birthday card if you save in PSP format and change the text to suit the occasion.
  11. I made this composite a few years ago, but I added shadows to the original for this workshop. The brad is from Marisa Lerin. What a nice simple layout, Thanks Carole!
  12. This workshop sounds great! I have always loved sending Christmas cards and still do, but I miss receiving them to include them in decorating my home.... Thankfully I have saved many of my favorite cards that I received & sent and now use them to decorate with!
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