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  1. OK.  It seems to be working, mostly...I probably DID have something different on Brush Variance...used it for "snow globes" quite awhile ago and probably didn't reset defaults afterward.  The CURRENT "thing" I was trying to do was change a "black" horse to "white".  I'm guessing there are limitations or parameters for the tool and the colors approaching #000000 and #FFFFFF are probably in that boundary.  Might explain the previous times it appeared that the tool wasn't working.  On the family photo project I was trying to colorize a dark suit in an old black and white photo.  


  2. I originally used the contact link on the campus to try to email Carolyn but (excuse the pun) it has now occured to me that it was not the proper "forum".  So anyways, here is my question/problem... a PS is that I also opened up PSP 2021 Ultimate and same thing is happening there.


    Have any others or yourself started having issues with the Change to Target tool?  Mine has quit working for some reason.  I’m using

    Paint Shop Pro 2022 Ultimate.  I was working on a project to colorize a family portrait of my Mother and the rest of her family awhile back

    and it was working although occasionally intermittent.  Currently if I try to paint with it, nothing happens with changing color but it does

    record an “instance” which can be undone so inside the program it is recording a “usage”.  I’ve tried changing parameters (step, opacity,

    density, mode, foreground color etc.) but it just isn’t changing the color.


    Anyways, if any others or yourself have experienced this and found a solution, I will be “all ears”.


    Interesting sidenote… a couple of decades ago, my aunts and mom were contacted by a “lost” brother who found them using one of those genealogy sites.

    He knew he was adopted and was looking for his original parents/family.  It is pretty much speculated, based on their conversations and memories

    that a “crooked” doctor reported him stillborn and he was placed from a shady adoption agency.  They did DNA tests and he was a full brother.

    My grandparents had passed so the “truth” will never be fully known.  Since then, my aunts and mother have also passed on (there was an older

    brother as well who passed away before Uncle Ron came on the scene), so he is the only relative on my mother’s side of the family in her generation

    who is still with us.  I “ADDED” him to the aforementioned family photograph (photo-shopped) which I am still working on colorizing and hope to finish

    it sometime this year.  He recently celebrated his 83rd birthday. 


    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


    Take Care,

    • Dan Hess.
  3. 12 hours ago, Daniel Hess said:

    My last one...finally finished October.  



    9 hours ago, Julian Adams said:

    Wow!  Splendid!  

    May I ask what font that is?

    The font for the "month" is Handycheera.  The one I used for days of week is "a dripping marker".  Not sure exactly where I got either of them...I THINK I got Handycheera from Creative Fabrica.

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  4. Great workshop.  I also attended your calendar making webinar awhile back.  Learned alot in both "workshops".  Here is my end result for August. The main photo was taken with my drone at the local arboreum in August of this year and the other is looking up at some cabins off of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky several years ago...from a boat.


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