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  1. The Campus is the perfect place to learn more about photo editing, various techniques, or PSP in general. This challenge will allow you to practice some of those techniques or use some tools. This time, the Tut/Tech Challenge will be to remove glare on a photo. It could be on someone's glasses, but it could also be from a window Check this blog article for detailed instructions. Show us the before and after so we can see how much work you did!
  2. That was a 32-bit plugin. So it will only work with older versions of PSP, if you load the 32-bit.
  3. One thing to remember is that a lot of older plugins were 32-bits and PSP2023 is only 64-bits so all those old plugins won't work in that version. That is the reason many PSP users are keeping an older version, just to use those old plugins. AKVIS has several plugins that work with PSP2023. Eye Candy can work although it is not 100% compatible with PSP: it won't add the effects on separate layers like it should (and does in Photoshop). Topaz also work for photo effects. Filter Forge is often my go-to plugin since it includes so many filters. In general, except for Filter Forge, I rarely use plugins. Others might chime in with additional plugins that work. But in the meantime, see if you can keep an older version of PSP to use those older plugins.
  4. Yeah, you would not dare do that on a physical book borrowed from the library!!!
  5. How are libraries in your area? Do they have activities sections or are they still "books only" libraries? What kinds of interesting areas do they have? What activities do they offer? Let's chat. Let's discover libraries around the world (almost).
  6. You are catching all my lapses! 😉
  7. Let's continue this new challenge. We might often be the ones taking pictures but we are not the feature of our layouts, so let's change that since we ARE important and we have lots to say. Every month or so, the layout will be about YOU, and a prompt will be given. If you have taken the Story Week Challenge, you will find some similarities but it won't be the same. For the April layout, tell us something about a pet you had (or wished you had) or animals in your life. Did you have pets? Were you allowed to have some? If you couldn't have pets, did you have any connection with someone else's pets? Were you raised on a farm? Or did someone in your family have a farm that you visited? Remember that if you want to create pages for previous prompts, those threads will stay open for you. There is no right or wrong order to share about you.
  8. That is my plan to have new additional supplies for the DIAMOND members.
  9. So, for North America, it was the day of the total eclipse yesterday. Did you witness it? Did you ever witness a total eclipse? Do you have photos? Scrapbook pages? Stories about it? Let's chat about it.
  10. First of all, come and say HI once you register for this workshop. We want to know who else will be there, on our side to encourage us. Every page we will make will be different, based on each others' photos, stories, and preferences but we can all get inspired by everyone's projects. Once the workshop is started, on April 22nd, you can post your pages in here. Make sure to resize your image to 600 pixels before uploading it so it won't slow down the site when we have all those pages. Remember that each page should not take you longer than 5 minutes to complete. (if you missed the registration link or if you want to invite a friend to join you, HERE it is). DIAMOND members will get extra pages to work with. Non-scrapbookers will also get some non-scrapbook supplies. Who is going to be doing their FIRST digital scrapbook pages?
  11. A perfect starting point to display photos. And then, the sky is the limit if someone wants to add details, embellishments, etc.
  12. It is true that TYPICALLY, you would not have the same thing on both sides if it is a photo. For a paper, it might be expected. Anja has a good solution, which is to "replace" anything that is not typical, with something more typical (like, do you remember that the back of polaroid photos were black?). To make sure that you use the right size/shape, you would do that with the Locked transparency. If you plan ahead to have two different layers, then you would start with the two layers together and when it is time to make a selection, you will delete the top layer (which won't be seen) and promote the bottom one, which will flip on top of the other in the fold.
  13. This question has an article on the blog: https://scrapbookcampus.com/2020/12/fixing-exposure-on-partial-photos/ Would that help?
  14. Let's make things a little fun for you. Are you looking for ways to spark your creativity and still create something meaningful? This will be a fairly regular challenge for you. Every time, you will be given instructions to use 1, 2, and 3 of something. Would that be more than you usually use? or less? Let's see. Create a layout using : 1 shaped paperclip 2 Folded corners 3 Wooden elements You can create those elements or use what you currently have in your stash. Showcase any photo, use any template (if you want). Just make sure you include the required elements.
  15. Have you ever been the victim of a great April Fool's joke? Or the creator of such a joke? Or just a wonderful joke you witnessed? Let's share some fun and creative jokes we know of.
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