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My third layout, TheCabin

Peggy Jentoft

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the first thing I need to do after I finish this course is organize my huge collection of kits and clip at etc.  I used papers from a 2008 bundle fortune with us  I think, and elements from a kit called winter solstice , one called rememberance , one free glitter paper gold, and one  from the Dutch ladys deep in the green woods. The picture I used  is very small and the cabin is very derelict  but as this is a keystone of the happiest memories of my childhood  I piled on several photo restore and art effects  . I love the shortcuts
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That is very pretty. Yes, sometimes, we might not have the best picture, but that is all we have, and those less-than-perfect photos hold all those memories!


Organizing your supplies is an important step otherwise, you will spend more time searching for supplies than scrapping!

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