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psp 2018 problem

Daphne Bowyer

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Hi Cassel,  I have a problem with my psp 2018 in that it randomly freezes on me when doing many things ie; selection, using the material palette , resizing etc etc... I asked corel for help and they sent me instructions on what to do...but I am not sure that I understand what they are asking and if it is not going to cause problems with my computer...I do not do much with that side of things on  my pc. I will paste their way to troubleshoot the problem ....I am hoping that this is something that makes sense to you , as I do not understnd it all.


I see you're having product issues. Let me help you out by giving these following options to troubleshoot the issue.


Close all of your startup programs and leave only the necessary programs. Kindly read and follow the instructions below:

1. Click Start, type msconfig in the search bar then hit Enter.

2. Under Startup tab, click the link to Task Manager and disable all non-Microsoft programs.

3. Go back again to System Configuration window and go to Under Services tab, check the "Hide all Microsoft services" checkbox then click the "Disable all" button.

4. Set the list of services in alphabetical order and then enable all Corel-related services.

5. Click OK. It will prompt you to restart your computer then click Restart.


Delete your temporary files. Here's how to delete them:

1. Press the Windows logo and 'R' on your keyboard to show up the Run window.

2. Type into the search box: %temp%

3. Hit Enter and the Temp directory will open.

4. Hit Ctrl+A on the keyboard to Select All.

5. Hit the Delete key and then press OK or hit Enter to the message asking if you are sure you wish to delete.

6. Skip all files that cannot be deleted (there will usually be about 3 to 5 temp files in use by windows at any given time which cannot be deleted).

7. Close out of the temp directory.




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