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Is there an easy way to resize shapes for nesting?

Virginia Lovejoy

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The heart on the left in the example shown was done in another program (Affinity Designer) and shows perfect proportionally spaced borders in nest format.

The heart on the right was achieved by copying the shape a few times, enlarging each one separately and then centering them.

As can be seen, the simple copy & resizing is not a pretty result. It's the same with rectangles and other vector shapes.

Is there a way to achieve the result in PSP (I have 2023) that doesn't involve algebra? ?


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27 minutes ago, Virginia Lovejoy said:

Is there a way to achieve the result in PSP (I have 2023) that doesn't involve algebra?

Although it is not the quickest way (maybe I should make a script?), there is a way.

  1. Draw the largest size you will use (it would work the other way around but here, you have the maximum space used)
  2. Center it in your canvas (even if temporarily) using Objects > Align > Center in canvas
  3. Duplicate the vector layer
  4. Resize by 90%. Uncheck the "Resize all layers"
  5. Duplicate the INITIAL vector layer
  6. Resize by 80% and so on. Always go back to the initial vector layer to duplicate

At the end, the outline will have also been resized. If you want them all the same thickness, you can manually double-click on each shape, and adjust the stroke width. Although it is not quick, it is easy.


Would that work with what you want to achieve?

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On the other hand, if you look at the example on the left, it would use a different approach. There is a way to achieve that "even" gap but, so far, as of PSP2023, there is no way to retain the corners, and this is what you may end up with.


If that is good enough, then here are the steps:

  1. Start drawing the smallest shape you want (make sure you have room around). If you can make it in vector format, you will get a better result.
  2. Make a selection from that smaller shape
  3. Expand by a certain amount, which would be the gap (I used 50 pixels)
  4. Add a new layer
  5. Fill with the color you want for the other shapes
  6. If you want only an outline and no fill, Contract by a stroke width (I used 10 pixels)
  7. Expand again
  8. Add a new layer
  9. Fill with the color
  10. and so on

At this point, PSP won't retain the corners like in your example. I suspect that has been asked before (and that is what the first patch in 2023 was SUPPOSED to do, but we know how that went!)

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