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  1. Thanks for your help, Ladies. I appreciate it. 🙂
  2. Thank you, Carol. Every one I tried had the format .8bf, but I didn't know about the 32 bits versus 64 bits. At least now I understand why I can't get them to work. AV Bros. had a page curl filter that I used to curl ribbons and other things. It's one I would like to have back.
  3. The only plugins I got to work in PSP 2023 are Particle Effects, which came with the download of PSP, and Filter Forge 3. I have a folder full of plugins I used to have working in my old version of PSP. I followed a few tutorials on how to get them to work in 2023, but to no avail. Can anybody name some of the plugins they have working in 2023, please? Thank you! 🙂
  4. D - Daffodil (was my mother's favorite flower)
  5. Please, give me one of those!!
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