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  1. I have done some effects.
  2. I think I need to practice!
  3. Here is my CardWorkshop-Card7. The flowers come from the: Pandora Florals Kit from Creative Fabrica .
  4. Hello, here is my CardWorkshop-Card6 done with 2 photos from L'internaute and the ribbon designed by me.
  5. Here is my CardWorkshop- Card5. The bear and the paper are from Creative Fabrica and the ribbon is from Marisa Lerin.
  6. Here is my cards workshop 4 the image and the backgrourd is from Kami Tubes .
  7. Here is my Workshop card3, all images come from Creative Fabrica
  8. Hello, here my cards day 2:
  9. Here is my card with a photo from Creative Fabrica, the flower from Cassel, the heart and the bow are CU.
  10. Hello, for this layout, I have used the font KG Happy ans a paper on it. I took the kit: Never Look Back Kit by The Brown Owl
  11. Happy Birthday dear Carole and thank you for the beautiful work and the beautiful creations you offer us so kindly.💖❤️❤️❤️
  12. I choose some photos of the Blue Mountain Rige: with a Cassel Template and a Cassel paper cass-MultiPhotoFrame3-6x6.pspimage (Template) cass-GradientStripes-Beach-02.jpg (border)
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