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  1. Spoke to soon got to the right looking page with the calendar tried every thing to copy and paste my photo with photo here, so I guess I have to see one example to get it. Ctrl c and l no good so I'm doing something wrong. Its not Pinnicle studio so I will get up to speed I hope tomorrow. Thanks again
  2. Ok I think I got it from standard and seems like I'm on the right page now. Thanks. Mark
  3. Ok I have my photo and the only page I have on Paintshop is the calendar, no other interface is on the left or right, on the example video it starts with this page of lots of info , I did not see how to get this page so only have a page with a calendar on it ...no tools to paste the photo. The latest version of Paintshop.pro and first time using? Could someone guide me to the page I need to be on? Thanks
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