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  1. Day 11 Project 5 Finally got this done. Computer or user error. The latter most likely the problem. File just would not open so therefore could not change file to a Jpeg.
  2. Hi Ann. If we have a poorly dog we would give them chicken and cooked rice as it is gentle on their stomach, the owner had made rice pudding with puppy milk as an introduction to weaning to thicken the milk before using soaked puppy kibble .When my friend sent me the photo it was the comment she had put on, apparently they loved it !
  3. DAY 9 PROJECT 4 I have kept the same colour scheme for continuity as it is the puppies journey to their forever homes . Papers and graphics are Nit wits Pawsitivity and Gina Jones Fido.
  4. DAY 7 PROJECT 3 I could not stand the fuzzy edges and the mistakes on the shadowing so I have redone it! Thank you Carole, my opacity was like you suggested way to low and the fuzzy edges were due to the feathering being on ! As I had called it Pawsome I thought I should have some pawprints !
  5. @Cassel Thank you for the observation re the shadows, I could have both problems ! I will check. Re the fuzzy edges. I couldn't understand why then suddenly I realized it was the feathered edge that was on but it was too late as I had all ready posted it ! But again thank you for the observation I really appreciate all the help.
  6. I have just realised that my selections of the green and the stripped paper have feathered edges. It was not my intention but the fact I did not check if feathering was on! another lesson learnt ..
  7. Thank you Sue. Yes it certainly does make it easier . I was lucky enough for the owner to send me photos and allow me to use them on here.
  8. Project 3. A bit late with this one .Puppies again I am afraid ! 5 weeks old on here, growing fast and now exploring time out of the whelping box under the watchful eye of Mum. I have used Gina Jones Fido elements and papers along with Nit Wits papers. I have duplicated the flower and layered them .Hope everyone is having as much fun as me !
  9. @cassel I recieved the Day 4 email on 14th March at 11.08 UK time .Thank you
  10. Day 5 project 2. Puppies again, this time the pups having just emerged safely into their new world, Mum settles with her fur babies for a well deserved rest. I again used one of my favorite sites Nit Wits for papers and the paw print
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