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  1. Pretty well every lesson was new for me. The features that were used that I will use a lot is the merging of different layers so that you can move more than one element at a time. The other was the cutting of the paper using the erase tool. Thanks for organizing and your input Carole.
  2. I am more relaxed when I am enjoying the outdoors. One of my favorite locations for hiking and camping is Algonquin Park. There is just something about the call of a loon that seems to melt away any angst that has built up and allows me to relax. Thanks very much for putting together these sessions Cassel. Greatly appreciated.
  3. This is the adjusted image with frames around the images. I kind of like the effect that it did however the colour fill did not go all the way around the images. Thanks for the reminder of not having to put shadow on paint text or splashes.
  4. Something new that I learned so far, just about everything as I just started digital scrap booking. Thanks for organizing these sessions Cassel and hopefully there are more progressive sessions to follow this up with.
  5. Thanks for these. I will have to go back in later to see if I can edit the frame around the images. For now I just used another layer.
  6. Hello. In doing this next project I am not sure why but when I chose the magic wand and click on the photo that I want to place a frame around it selects the entire back ground???
  7. Hello, as my supplies were limited at the time I did this project I did not have many elements to choose from. So yes, those were stretched out a little. I have since acquired more kits.
  8. The paper and elements have been randomly selected from the digital scrapbook site.
  9. The quote is one that my wife has used over the years many times. This looks like a perfect spot to do just that.
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