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  1. @sharon thompson When you save a jpg there is a slider in the dialog. I pointed it out with a red arrow in my attached screen shot. Higher Quality makes for a bigger file size. The file size is shown too, so when saving to post on the forum, you can adjust the slider to make sure your images are less than 300kb which is the maximum size allowed. If I remember correctly Cassel recommends a quality setting of 12 as a general guideline but a little lower won't matter very much if that's what it takes to get your work at or below 300 kb.
  2. Thanks for that explanation. I still wonder about some of the other steps since I don't understand the other ways to make masks.
  3. This is what came out of me... Cassell - What I found challenging with this lesson is while I could memorize the steps to making the gray shapes into masks, I don't understand the reason behind all of the steps. It would be good to understand why that particular sequence of steps went from the shape to a mask.
  4. I like the 3D effect on the title. Just a straight inner bevel and drop shadow? Well executed though!
  5. Time to pay tribute to the parents!
  6. Nice result! Blue is probably the least common flower color.
  7. I greatly altered the template and made it into something else entirely. I wanted to really show off our lovely Rosie = AKA Rosalyn Grace. Also her dad hadn't made it into my projects yet, or her grandmom - Carole (my sister).
  8. I love the crisp clean look Gerry
  9. That's very creative! It inspires me to try something like that with the template too!
  10. I like your aesthetic, Susan
  11. Some of the text blurred in the reduced size, but is clear at full scale. They are adorable!
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