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  1. A couple of projects from the Grunge Class - good, fun class, thanks Carole!
  2. I've been playing around a lot, and did a few that I think are nice. Just finished the Wood Working class, and enjoyed it.
  3. Messing with filters, effects, and Filter Forge
  4. Here's my Double Page day 1, leaving for the week so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to finsh the series
  5. Day 7 Titles Class - didn't follow the script exactly, but used the techniques to design a flyer for a summer show...
  6. Sure hope Spring springs up soon!
  7. Day 6 of Titles Class. Almost time to get to the water again
  8. Day 5, a little bit of a tangent again but it's all fun and makes me look back on other lessons.
  9. Day 3 Titles Class - stagnant mind day, couldn't really think of anything special so I just played around.
  10. Day 1 Titles Class. Added some translucent Depth by Design effect overlay
  11. Day 7 Masks Workshop, chose to use the twins, unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures of only them ? As you can see, I took the Polka Dot idea and did something a little different with artistic lines, fills, and overlay and some Text lessons from previous workshops.
  12. Thank you for all the feedback. I keep trying new and old things along with the workshop and finding some interesting stuff to do. I am having fun with both the AI stuff, and Filter Forge effects but so far no Filter Forge in the masks workshop. As you noted, I also use overlays and blendings - lot of fun!
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