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  1. I have another one from Storkow (say: "shtorkoh") , fonts are Bebas Kai and Brixton. Pls click image as there is no border yet again . And again this is 6x8 inches waiting to be migrated onto an 8x10 bg to match the preceding pages.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing, so inspiring! 💗💗💗 Love it.
  3. Here is more from Storkow. I seem to have a sweet spot for it. Ths is 6x8. I will slab it on an 10x8 later to match the preceding pages, but by now I'm thinking that 6x8 is one great format. Sorry for the missing border. Looks irritating.
  4. 😄Happy to piggy back on that education, lol! I wouldn't know either what species of owl I 'd be dealing with if that owl sat right in front of me on my desk. Really not good at owls but I know that there is a traditional owl nest nearby and I can also hear them woohoo sometimes at night 😉 I will have to look for some owl cam.
  5. 💗Oh thank you so much @Michele! So sweet of you!! I'd thought my googling was pretty solid, but I sure did not find it... so this is really great. I am hoping to use it on a poster for a friend and her flower arrangement classes. Can't wait to look at it up close. 💗
  6. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Corrie. May all your dreams come true. Safe travels and happy landings.💗
  7. Fonts: Quimby Gubernatorial and OCR-A, scanned slide
  8. Lovely page, @MicheleI am interested in the title font. I found about 30 called Spring, lol. Do you have some info on it like where it is from or who made it?
  9. @Sue Thomas Thanks for showing this layout again. So great! These owls seem to have known for a while that they've hit it off big time in that barn.💗 And you and your friend as well with them owls. Good on ya! Such an awesome photo op at your residence. Brilliant. Does your friend have a camera installed? Birds in general are lovely subjects to photograph and some are not that hard to get in front of the lens with food. But owls? So rare. Congrats. Such great shots!!!
  10. Fonts: Selectric Advocate, Slimlines. Graphics Gina Jones and myself.
  11. Doro 💗, how sweet of you to say. Thank you! I had to translate this 'lost journo' part back and forth literally to get that it is a compliment. LOL These phrases and sayings don't really translate literally with the same meaning they might have in German. ....😄 I'm in a bit of esteemed company tho, writing about Storkow, did you know?
  12. The 1st story page; the preceding ones are just more title pages. I'm by now wondering if I should draw this out to more pages. It is one rather short story. As a kid I always thought there wasn't enough text on these pages in story books. Then again how attractive exactly is a visual of lambs being breakfasted by the wolf? I might change the body font which is France and giving me a bit of a headache. I love its looks tho. The title font is Calysa.
  13. I have a book going for a young family member. Here is my cover. Graphics Marisa Lerin. Font Qiara.
  14. @Julie Magerka Thank you! I usually make the collages with a collage app and save as png to put on the layout. It is a pretty fast process altogether. The text is also mostly ready to copy/paste before I start the layout. I would spend hours looking at fonts if I did not decide beforehand which ones to take. Seriously, that is what I can spend the most time on, lol.... gazing at fonts and the spaces they leave on the page ;9
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