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BSC Module 3

Sally Finan

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Hi Cassel,

Here is my Mod 3 Scrapbook finally. We are remodeling our bathroom so I have gotten a bit behind. Making shadows on elements is the most challenging task for me. Rotating some shadows and adding the shadows on a new layer makes me a little dizzy at times. I have a question that I will send you a separate message. Loved adding the little something to the background at the end of the lesson. That puts the icing on the cake, very clever. Sally


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Good Evening Everybody, I posted this once before but I must have forgotten to actually push the button that does the deed, I guess, I really don't know what happened so you can bet I WILL be certain to hit it this time.


This is for BSC 1, module 3  I tried to follow the guidelines but I just don't seem to be able to follow through without wandering off into a different direction.  It may not look like it but I did follow all the basic precepts.  This project is of my two eldest grandsons who have a whole lot of love for each other.  This image is one of my favorite, called "Brothers", and it warms my heart to watch them.  This was a long time ago, but they are still just as close.  Billy, the older boy is now working in construction and he is the grandson in the "Father/Daughter dance" image I used for an earlier module.  Jake is a paramedic, studying to be a fireman any time and I want to give them this image as a surprise for their wives. I always enjoyed seeing pictures of my husband when he was younger and I'm certain they are the same.


The original picture had the boys sitting on the floor in front of a floral sofa which I decided to change so it wouldn't be too "Girly" (S)  So I isolated the boys and covered up a rather wild wrapping paper that was laying on the floor in front of them by flood filling the area with an amusing background of mice, or meeces as we call them.  Jake had a favorite stuffed toy mouse when he was little that he treasured.  Then, since I think this pic is amazing, I used am image of a mouse on a maze, I placed a shadow on each layer and made tubes from three of the mice on the background to add a whimsical touch, each on their shadowed layers.   Although I didn't place each letter of the title vertically with individual letters, I did turn the text vertically with a boxed shadow which gave the title a more solid appearance which I was looking for.  I hope that my three little mice will be acceptable as a grouping because they are just so darn cute.


I'm still having a difficult time juggling the different layers in PSP 2020 so this took me a long time to complete, I hope you like it.


Group Hug,



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