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Windows 10 PSP Pro 2023 What directory do purchased textures, scripts, tubes go in?

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Which Windows Folder should my purchased templates, brushes, etc be in for PSP to see them and use them?

Microsoft One Drive sneakily moved  files off my hard drive.  I moved them back and found that a folder named COREL with the subfolders holding my puchased elements is in the Documents folder. I'm sure this is why PSP isn't showing me any of my purchased elements.

Will someone let me know what directory I should have them in so that PSP sees them?   Or is there a setting I can update to also look in my auxiliary PSP to my folder?   

I've gone through the help screens but can't seem to find the info. 

Thank you.  

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These are the free and bonus items that came with PSP 2023.   They are listed as in 'My Library'.  I tried reinstalling them and I can see the Content Pack 2023 patterns. But not the Holiday Picture Tubes.    I did go in to the picture tube 'sources' list and check that I had the folders I knew about listed. 

I also was reminded that I have PSP 2023, PSP 2022, and PSP 2021 on this laptop.    I think it's a combination of files  moving around and me not having something configured the right way. 

  I've managed to go round and round and confuse myself. 🙂   Below is a screen print of the 'my library' menu in PSP 2023. image.thumb.jpeg.61a4ce6d81dcde00dd294bc7af4cc3cd.jpeg


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Depending on what content you download/install or purchase, they can be found in many different locations. First of all, once you have downloaded/installed them, do they appear in the drop-down list? For example, are the new picture tubes appearing in the Picture Tubes dropdown? If yes, they are installed properly and if you want to know where, you can hover over them in the drop-down list and it will show a "bubble" with the exact path of that tube.

The same thing for any other supplies that is supposed to be installed through that page.

On the other hand, if you are NOT seeing what you just downloaded/installed, then they might have been installed in a location that is not listed under the File location so your version of PSP is not seeing them. Here are some places you can look for them:

C:\ProgramData\Corel\Corel PaintShop Pro 20xx (in one of the sub-folders)
C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel PaintShop Pro 20xx (64-bit)\Languages\EN
C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\20xx or C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\Purchased

Do you find them there?

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