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Help Challenge Can anyone help me be a Diamond for June?

cindy harris

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  In may my SS that I live on was taken by my bank first arkansas bank and trust been a Great Customer for 30 yrs, but in the past when my Daughter started working I had put her on my account to cash her 2 checks from Claires and the Theater, she never deposited or did anything elese.  Then later she started her own checking account as my other 2 kids there.  

   Long story short now  She lost her job 2 months ago and things happened in her checking account, Which I knew nothing about because I am not on hers.

My Bank of 30 yrs Took my whole S.S.  to make up money she owed in her checking account without one word to me.   Until I seen after the 5th I had a 000.00

Then I was in shock oh same time My mom was sent to the ER she was found Sunday Morning Really BLACK AND BLUE and possible shoulder injury, she went in the ER and had another Stroke and then went on Hospice.  Then I tried to look at my account  my business,  and I had NO Account   first arkansas bank closed my account. My mom then died 

Long story but

I dont want to miss you guys but If I have to Ill do it but Thought I would ask.    Can anyone help me out with a Month or something what ever if you can or want to  And thank You

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