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  1. Ginger Bread Ladies: Make a Splash fonts: Segoe Scripts & Alfa Slab One photo: personal
  2. Yummy Toes Melo Vrijhof: The Guys; Nutcracker fonts: Segoe Print & Alfa Slab One photos: personal
  3. Magical Scraps Galore: Boys Rule Day Dreams 'n Designs: Scraps N Pieces BT 01-2016 (glitter) fonts: Landliebe & KBA Stitch in Time photos: personal
  4. jessicaD: Baby Shower fonts: Bremen Bd BT & Lemon Tuesday photo: personal
  5. Jessica Dunn: My Tribe Sahin Designs: Digital Day font: Go Panda photo: personal
  6. sandwich, plates & cuttlery by Cassel paper & 'bon appetit' by jessica Dunn_Comfort Food
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