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  1. Hello all,   Sorry a bit slow on uploading my cover as had a busy day yesterday..


    Carole,  I must say thank you for all your work with the Calendar project as it is great and I hope to do it again next  year.





  2. Hi Carole,  I have changed a few of my first calendars so I will just add those again plus the latest one's ... I am enjoying seeing all those wonderful Calendars and so many different idea's..   I especially loved the Rainbow gradient it looked great!
  3. Hi every one,  I am just sending in my first four pages and I am once again doing pictures of my Pomeranian's which I love and over the years I took many of them , mostly in the show ring.I shall maybe do something else on another calendar if I  can come up with some thing else , but will finish this one first with all my fur kids.



  4. Hi everyone ;


    I have not participated much as Carole will know but I love her calendars but the last one's I did were about 3 or 4 years ago  and so I hope to be able to finish this lot as I do so enjoy using my Pomeranian photo's that I have taken over many years and love having them up on display for the year in print.


    I do hope to get to know some of you and I will enjoy seeing all your work



  5. Hi Cassel,  I have almost finished doing all my pages now... and I will be wanting to get them printed by a printing shop... just wondering how they do that so that it can be used as a calendar as most of them all seem to fold in half with the picture on top and the month below...  whereas ours are all one page ...  so where do they join them ??  hope this is not a silly question...lol
  6. Hi April dawn,   Beautiful work on all your pages and smart idea to add the png days of the week  ... also love how you have added some faded picture to some of the bottoms of your pages ... looks great..


    Love all the others works as well..


    I have really enjoyed doing all the pages even if I was a little slow to do so as I cannot hear the video , so just watching it and following was different..lol   Thank you Cassel for all you have done and I have learned more again about some things on psp that I did not know...


    When I send it to the printer should I save it just as a JPG or use the JPG optimizer..?  and do I need to ask them to print it at a certain size ??



  7. Hi Everyone,  I have redone the March and April that I had previously done and added the rest up to today... Changed the Font, coloured the dates and added birthdays with a picture as Marlene suggested, so thought that was great idea...   Look forward to the next pages.  You may have wondered about all the Pomeranians ,  I normally every year would buy myself the Pomeranian Calendar that came out , so this year it is a showcase of my own little Poms as I have been showing and breeding them for about 20 years and all Champions except for the puppies of course..  so I am very happy with what there is so far.... Love everyone's work ...
  8. Hi Cassel,  I have a problem with my psp 2018 in that it randomly freezes on me when doing many things ie; selection, using the material palette , resizing etc etc... I asked corel for help and they sent me instructions on what to do...but I am not sure that I understand what they are asking and if it is not going to cause problems with my computer...I do not do much with that side of things on  my pc. I will paste their way to troubleshoot the problem ....I am hoping that this is something that makes sense to you , as I do not understnd it all.


    I see you're having product issues. Let me help you out by giving these following options to troubleshoot the issue.


    Close all of your startup programs and leave only the necessary programs. Kindly read and follow the instructions below:

    1. Click Start, type msconfig in the search bar then hit Enter.

    2. Under Startup tab, click the link to Task Manager and disable all non-Microsoft programs.

    3. Go back again to System Configuration window and go to Under Services tab, check the "Hide all Microsoft services" checkbox then click the "Disable all" button.

    4. Set the list of services in alphabetical order and then enable all Corel-related services.

    5. Click OK. It will prompt you to restart your computer then click Restart.


    Delete your temporary files. Here's how to delete them:

    1. Press the Windows logo and 'R' on your keyboard to show up the Run window.

    2. Type into the search box: %temp%

    3. Hit Enter and the Temp directory will open.

    4. Hit Ctrl+A on the keyboard to Select All.

    5. Hit the Delete key and then press OK or hit Enter to the message asking if you are sure you wish to delete.

    6. Skip all files that cannot be deleted (there will usually be about 3 to 5 temp files in use by windows at any given time which cannot be deleted).

    7. Close out of the temp directory.




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