Do you want to join our Scripting Study Group?

  • Are you interesting in understanding more about scripts?
  • Do you want to record or code your own scripts?
  • Do you prefer to work alongside other students going through the same lessons?
  • Would you want to have quick access to more help if you are stuck?

Join us for this 5-week journey that will guide you through the scripting world.

The Scripting Course is available as a self-pace course, but you can take this journey with us, slowly, while practicing all those new codes.

  • Two lessons per week
  • Assignments for every lesson so you can practice
  • Ten lessons worked on together
  • A private forum to post your assignments and questions
  • Extra help available as needed

Join us for this Scripting Study Group

Can I join even if I am a beginner?

  • Although the course starts at the beginning of the scripting journey, it would be better if you are already comfortable with PaintShop Pro and the main commands; you will recognize them more in the scripting code. 

Do I need to get the latest version of PaintShop Pro?

  • No. Scripting capabilities started with the old JASC PSP version 8. So any version since then can be used with the course.

I have never done digital scrapbooking before. Can I still join?

  • In itself, scripting has nothing to do with digital scrapbooking. You will learn how to record and code scripts and from there, you will decide which commands you will want to use, and what result you are looking for.

I have already purchased the Scripting Course. Do I need to purchase it again?

  • No. If you already have purchased the Scripting Course, you are ready to join and there will be no additional fee for you.

The new world of scripting is there for you to discover.

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