Whatever project you create, you likely have to add text to it.

Are you just using the basics of the Text tool?

Are you looking for ways to get something more unique and unexpected?


Join us for this 7-day workshop that will guide you through different features of the Text tool that you can expand on.

You might already know about the font and the size, the fill and the stroke, but there is a lot more that you can discover.

Join us for this FREE workshop

You don’t do scrapbooking?

  • It is ok as these tutorials can apply to many other types of projects, whether they might be card making, creating calendars, even Facebook headers and much more.

You have never used PaintShop Pro before?

  • You will get help and support throughout the challenge whether it is from the leader (me) or the other participants in the workshop. Everyone is always so friendly!

You don’t have the latest version of PaintShop Pro?

  • It does not matter. If you have only an older version, most of the techniques demonstrated will be either identical in all versions, or there is another way to do it.

You don’t even have a copy of PaintShop Pro?

  • You can download PaintShop Pro and complete the workshop during the 30-day FREE trial period

You can’t start on that date?

  • No problem. Although the first email will be sent on the 20th, you can start later if you prefer. The lessons will be available for an extra week afterward.

 >> This workshop is FREE <<