You have interesting stories to tell. 

You relate them at family gatherings, around the camp fire, while sipping a glass of wine, or sometimes, while putting the kids to bed. 

You might find them ordinary, or even boring but others love to hear them. 

Those stories are little windows into a different world. YOUR world.

They can tell of your family, your friends, your struggles, your accomplishments, your culture, your sense of humour, your dreams, your passions.


those stories only live in your memory, and if you are not there to tell them, they don’t exist.

This is the workshop for you

Don’t let those memories vanish because,
believe it or not,
your story matters

Join us for this FREE workshop

You don’t know what to say?

  • You will get 7 days of prompts through one email a day

You don’t know how to create scrapbook pages?

  • You will get 7 quick pages where you can just add text

You want to create your own pages but lack inspiration?

  • You will get 7 layered templates you can use as a starting point

You have never done digital scrapbooking before?

  • You will get 7 days of help along with tips, tricks, and support

You have never used PaintShop Pro before?

  • You will get 7 days of tips along with tips, tricks, and support

You don’t even have a copy of PaintShop Pro?

  • You can download PSP and complete the workshop during the 30 day FREE trial period

You will be able to document 7 stories
in 7 days.

A fun resource to create a conversation piece 

with your current supplies, sprinkled with inspiration.

Here are some of the templates that you will get.

 >> This workshop is no longer available <<

However, this workshop and many others are available in permanence DIAMOND members.

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