Do you have just 5 minutes to spare?

Are you too busy to do photo collages?

Do you have too little time to create scrapbook pages?

Do you still wish you could showcase your favorite photos in a new way? 


Did you know that you can create scrapbook pages…

  • in less than 5 minutes?
  • with no mess at all?
  • while the kids are sleeping, or while dinner is cooking?
  • for FREE?

During this 7-day workshop, we will guide you to use quick pages.

The workshop is email-based, so you can watch the lessons at your convenience. Although you will get one lesson per day, you DON’T have to finish them on those days. You can take your time.

Supplies will be downloadable for each of the lessons, so you can follow the tutorials. You just have to choose the photos you will want to use.

You will end up with at least 7 projects (scrapbook or others) that you will be able to use and share.

Here are some “scrapbook” pages I will be demonstrating.

And if you are not into “scrapbooking”, other projects will be available and will use the exact same techniques. Here are some examples.

Join us for this workshop

You don’t work fast enough to create all those pages?

  • Each one can take you less than 10 minutes (the longest part is picking which photo you will want to showcase!)

You have never done digital scrapbooking before?

  • Then this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try with the easiest method possible. There are also “templates” inside PaintShop Pro that work the same way.

You are not interested in “scrapbooking” style?

  • No problem as we will also provide some “non-scrapbooking” supplies, like collage, Facebook header, and more.

You don’t have time to learn a new program?

  • You won’t have to learn much: just follow the steps, and you will be done in just a few clicks.

You are in a different timezone?

  • All the lessons are email-based, and you get a link to the video tutorials. You don’t have to be at the computer on a specific day or time. You can watch the video at your convenience. 

You are not available during those 7 days?

  • The lessons will be available for an additional 7 days. If you still can’t join us during this time period, the whole workshop will be permanently available inside our membership. 

You have never used PaintShop Pro before?

  • There is a short 2-minutes video to get you started. And if you have questions, I am just an email away.

You don’t even have a copy of PaintShop Pro?

  • You can download PSP and complete the workshop during the 30-day FREE trial period

Can you spare 5 minutes at a time? 

Then you can create your first projects!

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