Are you looking for a unique greeting card for a loved one?

Do you need a card now, but the stores are closed?

Do you want to use your own imagination to create a custom card?


Join us for this 7-day workshop that will guide you through the creation of seven different greeting cards.

If you want to create seven Christmas cards, that is fine, but if you want to use other themes, the workshop is open to all those options.

Join us for this FREE workshop

Templates are included for each lesson.

We will look at various aspects of the creation of a greeting card:

  • resizing a template
  • adding a back
  • adding text inside
  • using cutout edges
  • creating a matching envelope

During this 7-day workshop, we will guide you to create various greeting cards.

The workshop is email-based, so you can watch the lessons at your convenience. Although you will get one lesson per day, you DON’T have to finish them on those days. You can take your time.

Supplies will be downloadable for each of the lessons, so you can follow the tutorials. You just have to choose the photos you will want to use.

You will end up with at least 7 cards  that you will be able to use and share.


You don’t have much time to create greeting cards?

  • It will be easier and faster to create cards using PaintShop Pro than to cut and glue elements to a card.

You can’t be at the computer at the same time every day?

  • All the tutorials are recorded videos and linked in daily emails. Nothing is “live” so you don’t have to change your schedule to be online at a specific time of the day. Once you get the link to the video, watch it at your leisure. Then, work on your project and post it in the forum.

You have never created greeting cards before?

  • This is the perfect time to get a taste of it. Who knows? Maybe you will create a whole collection of cards and always have one ready for any occasion.

You don’t have supplies?

  • You don’t need that much. I will link to the supplies I use and you can certainly find more.

You have never used Paintshop Pro before?

  • You will get help and support throughout the workshop whether it is from the leader (me) or the other participants in the workshop. Everyone is always so friendly!

You don’t have the latest version of Paintshop Pro?

  • It does not matter. If you have only an older version, the techniques demonstrated will be either identical in all versions, or there is another way to do it.

You don’t even have a copy of Paintshop Pro?

  • You can download PaintShop Pro and complete the challenge during the 30-day FREE trial period

The very best hands-on Paint Shop Pro class around. Learn PSP lessons in an organic way and end up with some useful cards at the end of the series.
~ Suzy Wert ~

The workshops enable a good achievable challenge that everyone, whatever level they are at with Paintshop, will be able to do and be pleased with their results as well as learn new techniques along the way.
~ Sheila Hogg ~

Did you ever need a greeting card but couldn’t find a suitable one you liked? Make your own in this workshop, learning different techniques to use for your own, homemade, unique cards!
~ Monique Nieuwhoff ~

This is great for beginners and advanced creators of digital and printable cards. Great ideas, original designs and covers many different occasions throughout the year.
~ Lyn Lou ~

Greeting Card creation was a fun and informative workshop. As usual with Carole’s classes I learned all kinds of new ways to the tools in PSP. PSP seems to have so many ways to accomplish tasks and is such a powerful tool that these classes are almost essential to utilize the power of the tools. Carole does a masterful job of making learning fun and practical.
~ Bill Kelly ~

This is a workshop that is easy to follow if you are new to scrapbooking or PSP and it is very rewarding for those who are doing this for years because the variety of cards you can make is almost endless for every occasion you can think of. I made a lot of Christmas cards but am already planning birthday cards, easter cards, invitations, thank you cards, etc…
~ Corrie Kinkel~

This workshop has a variety of different themed cards. The possibilities are endless with templates that can be customized to your theme or taste. The cards can be made for emailing or for printing. You learn how to make a back for the card with the folded edge on top or on the side. You even learn how to make a custom envelope.
~ Susan Ewart ~

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At this point, it is only available to DIAMOND members.

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