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Importing Photoshop gradients in PSP

You might already know that PaintShop Pro allows its users to use or import several resources made for Photoshop. PaintShop Pro can open .psd files, and since version X5, it can import .abr brush files. In addition, Photoshop preset shapes can also be converted with a script. But did you know that it can also import gradients meant for Photoshop?

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How to sort your fonts

If you have been collecting a lot of fonts or purchasing bundles, you are likely to have hundreds if not thousands of fonts. Going through that many fonts when you are looking only for one or two is far from efficient. In a previous article, we looked at the suggested organization for your fonts, but in the end, HOW will you do that?

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Theme – Lights

Light is defined as electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. It occurs over an extremely wide range of wavelengths. As we all know, there are various sources of light. Some of them are natural while others are artificial.

Light is a very important part of our everyday lives. It’s actually everywhere, from our bedrooms to our streets and offices. It’s also an essential energy source that keeps us warm and lets us see the world around us. Can you imagine what the world would have been like if light didn’t exist?

To give appreciation to this element, we chose to make it as our theme for this month. Here are some great layouts that showcase different kinds of lights to help spark your creativity and provide you an idea for your next scrapbooking adventure.

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Big or small photos?

If you look in galleries, you might seek a variety of sizes used for the photos in layouts. Some of them will have huge photos used as a background, some will have photos taking half the space of the layout while others will have tiny photos barely visible. What is the purpose of those different sizes?

Although scrapbooking is perceived as an artistic memory keeping some scrapbookers just want to create art and the photos are not the focus of their project. The importance of the photos and the memories might, in some cases, determine their sizes in a layout. However, other factors can determine whether the artist will use a large or small photo.

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Featured Resource – Tips & Tricks for PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro is a very powerful program that might take a while to learn. Even though each tool and command is, in itself, fairly simple, there are many little tricks that could make your life easier when working on your project. Those tips are often not part of any user manual, or if they are, they are spread over hundreds of pages, hidden in a short sentence that can easily be missed. Over the years, I have discovered many such tips and tricks and have shared them on a weekly basis in the store newsletter, but have collated them into a single book.

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Changing colors in PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro has a lot of common tools and photographers have the ability to tweak their photos in many ways. Those tools are not just for the professionals, as everyone can use them to edit photos in some creative ways. Let's see how you can change the color of a particular element with PaintShop Pro. Although there are several ways to change colors, we will look at the Change to Target tool.

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The Flood Fill Tool in PSP

The Flood Fill tool is one of those tools that you will be using on so many projects that it will become second nature. Although it is a simple tool, and usually intuitive to use, it does have some various settings that can make it even more powerful or turn into a headache for you. Let's have a look.

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Theme – Trees

Trees play an important part in our world. They are like the vacuum of our planet as trees absorb harmful pollutants and release oxygen for every living creature to breathe. They also provide us food, shade, shelter, timber for construction, and many more. There are many types of trees and their sizes can be small to large depending on the area and environment.

You might have encountered lots of different trees. You might even have a bunch of them in your own backyard. Whether you’re a tree lover or one of those people who are just beginning to take interest in trees, we hope that these layouts will make you admire trees even more and give you ideas for your next awesome project.

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What’s new in PSP2021?

As for the last several years, this is the time when a new version of PaintShop Pro is released. Each version brings in new tools, new features, and new discoveries. In this version of PaintShop Pro, a lot of focus was put on AI tools and functions. Let's have a look at this new version.

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Writing on different surfaces

When adding text, designs or even brush strokes on a digital layout, there is no difference whether your element overlaps more than one surface, however, in real traditional paper scrapbooking, that would not be the case. First, you would be unlikely to write from one surface onto another one, and second, if you did, the result would show something very characteristic: a disruption in the continuity of the element. Here is how you can recreate that detail in digital projects.

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Edit History in PaintShop Pro

Do you ever work on a project in PaintShop Pro, and after many steps, you are wondering what setting you used about 20 steps back? Or after trying many different commands, you wonder which one you finally chose? That information is actually stored by PaintShop Pro and you can retrieve that information!

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Theme – Paper

People all over the globe use millions of metric tons of paper every year. Luckily, it is one of the most recyclable materials. It is said to be a sustainable product since paper, which is usually made from wood pulp, can be easily reused, recycled, and renewed. Although not all paper products can be considered recyclable, there are still a whole lot of them that can be reused such as magazines, newspapers, and office papers.

Have you tried recycling papers? Do you collect paper scraps simply because they’re too pretty to throw away? Or maybe you keep some papers because they hold memories you don’t want to forget? Whatever it may be, we hope that the layouts featured here will spark your interest to put those papers into good use and flaunt them in a scrapbook project.

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Featured Resource – Clip to it

If you are pressed for time and need to complete a scrapbook album for a particular event, you might want to use a template. That will ease the work of deciding where to place this photo or that element or that paper. Templates can definitely be time-savers. Once you have chosen the template and the photos you want, you can go through the creation process even faster with a simple script called Clip to it.

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Selective focus in PaintShop Pro

Photographers have been able to adjust their camera settings to take great photos with a focus on their subject while the rest is purposefully out of focus. However, we don't all have a camera with that capability or we just happen to have a photo that could use that effect, but it is too late to take it again. With PaintShop Pro, we can recreate that selective focus (a feature available since version X4).

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