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Remember when…? – Tub


I started school when i was only 5. That is one year younger than we were allowed. So my mom had me enrolled in a private class. Mrs. Benoit had a grade 1 class in her basement. That was the only class she had. At one point, as a reward, she brought the class to tour her house, upstairs. That was a treat! That was a magazine worthy house, in my own opinion.

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Remember when…? – Falling

When you are a kid, the world is your playground, and you will have explored it in many ordinary and extraordinary ways. That also means cuts and bruises for most of our childhood. Although I had my share of bruises and scratches, I cannot say I was an accident prone child (unlike my own kids), but I do remember one particular incident that caused quite a commotion.

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Remember when…? – Listening in school

School is a big part of most people as we probably spent a few years there. For some, school was fun, for others, not so much. But either way, there are surely a few things you remember from school.

When i was in grade 4, there was a new school being built closer to us but for some geographical divisions, i was not transferred to that school. That annoyed me, but when i finished grade 5, i was granted my wish.

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Remember when…? – In the field

Nowadays, kids tend to stay indoor and play with their techno games and toys, but 50 years ago, those didn’t exist and kids were actually playing outside. I guess it helped that i lived in an urban area since there were many kids around too.

Playing outside didn’t require much as far as toys, equipment or facilities. We would play hours with the most rudimentary objects, and we still had fun!

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Remember when…? – Bad neighbours

I spent the first 10 years that i remember, in the same apartment, on the same street, in Montreal. I had friends all around: in the house on the left, the house on the right, the houses behind, the houses across the street, and more.

Most neighbours on that street were quite friendly except for one. But it was not one person, it was one household.

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Remember when…? – Sugar or not sugar

Sometimes, we have fairly vivid memories of events when we were very young and this is one of them.

As a preschooler (i told you i was very young) one of my favorite “snack” was a slice of bread, with butter and sugar on it. Even before i could clearly speak, i would ask for “croute-sucre-beurre” (which would translate to “crust-sugar-butter”).

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Remember when…?–The storm

Storms are one of nature’s mean of communication: its way of yelling at us! Well, maybe not. But storms, in various forms, are part of life everywhere. Whether it is a tornado, a hurricane, a monsoon, a blizzard, we have all gone through many storms in our lifetime (and it is not over either). These storms can be the starting points of various life events, some sad, some interesting, some happy.

Have you ever been witness to a big storm? What surrounded that time? This can be yet another scrapbooking idea even if you don’t have a photo to prove that you were there. Will you record it?

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Remember when…? – On the phone

Almost everyone and his brother now has a portable phone, whether it is a top of the line smart phone, or a less advanced flip phone. How many stories do you have related to a phone, even an old one?

Many years ago, as i had a job out of town, if i wanted to call home, i had to make it a collect call. Back in those days, there was no automated system to do that, so we had to dial “0” and talk to an operator who would do that task and ask the person if they accepted the charges.

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Remember when…? – New Year

Do you have a family tradition for New Year? Do you have particular memories about New Year celebrations in the past?

On New Year day, we would always go to my great-grand-mother. That was a long trip (for me) as it was one hour drive from home. I would usually see Mémère only a couple of times a year, and New Year was one of those times.

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Remember when…?

Scrapbooking has long been about documenting memories, using whatever we have on hand: a photo, a lock of hair, a newspaper clipping, etc. Over time, with the availability of smartphones, and other portable devices, people have been taking more and more pictures to capture memories and stories. This is great when you want to document recent events, people you met in the last years, and activities you did recently.

Even if you have thousands of pictures stored on your phone, your tablet or your computer, your memories are not limited to those people and events captured in photos.

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