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You are not printing? Then what do you do?

So, you have come to this point, maybe you want to print some of your digital scrapbooking layouts, but maybe you have various reasons to NOT print. According to the poll, on the right, printing might not be the first or most common treatment of digital layouts. Maybe you find the printing too expensive in … Read more You are not printing? Then what do you do?

What to print?

Although digital scrapbooking, by its name, is meant to be digital, a lot of people still like to have a paper version, to hold, to feel, to share. If you are a paper scrapper who switched to digital scrapping, it is more than likely that you have already started albums with your paper layouts. In this case, it would be natural to want to continue the same process and want your digital pages printed so you can either insert them inside your existing albums or create similar albums. There are many ways to approach
the printing process of your digital layouts.

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To print or not to print? That is the question

For many digital scrapbookers, this is not even a question. Whether they are paper scrapbookers converted to digital, or digital scrapbookers from the start, many fans will find various ways to get their layouts printed. Maybe the reason is that we are commonly used to see things in paper format, in books or albums. This is a hard habit to break. Is it better to print or not? That is not a question that has a single answer. Or i should say, the single answer is “it depends on you”.

Read moreTo print or not to print? That is the question