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Converting handwritten text into an elements for digital scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is all about expressing your creativity in various ways. Creating your graphics with Paintshop Pro to use as elements to add to your story is one way to do it. But how about personalizing your titles with your own text? Not using fonts or alphas, but actually making use of handwritten words and phrases and using them to decorate your digital scrapbook pages.

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Convert your handwriting into a font

Do you like the idea of adding a personal touch to your scrapbook pages and your journaling? In traditional paper scrapbooking, it would be easy to hand write the title or the date or the journaling directly on the page or on a paper that will be added to the project, but what if you only do digital scrapbooking? Of course, you can write the text on a piece of paper, scan it and add it to the page as a png or a jpg image. But there is another way: convert your handwriting into a font.

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