Are you new to digital scrapbooking and wonder how and where to start?

Are you transitioning from traditional scrapbooking to digital and you feel a little overwhelmed?

Are you new to PaintShop Pro and want to learn while creating something fun and useful?

Are you upgrading to a new version of PaintShop Pro from a very old one and you feel lost?

Join us for this 2-week bootcamp that will help you get started from the very beginning.

You will learn how to set up your PaintShop Pro, how to manipulate those “dreaded” layers, and understand the basic tools you will need. In the end, you will be able to complete 5 full layouts using basic digital supplies.

Join us for this bootcamp

You don’t know how to create scrapbook pages?

  • You will get 7 tutorials to help you out

You are on a different time zone and might not be available?

  • The bootcamp is virtual: you will get the information in daily emails and be directed to a page where the tutorials are recorded, so you can watch them anytime during the day (or the days after)

You don’t work fast enough to create all those pages?

  • Each tutorial is less than 30 minutes long. And even as a bootcamp, we won’t give you a deadline. 

You have never done digital scrapbooking before?

  • You will get 2 weeks of help along with tips, tricks, and tutorials.

You are not really into scrapbooking?

  • Even if these exercises are based around scrapbook pages, you will still learn the same tools you will use for other projects afterward

You have never used PaintShop Pro before?

  • You will get help to get set up right from the beginning

You don’t even have a copy of PaintShop Pro?

  • You can download PSP and complete the challenge during the 30 day FREE trial period

A new hobby awaits you.

Many photos are waiting to be showcased.

More stories are just waiting to be told.

What are YOU WAITING for?

All the participants who create 4 of the 5 projects during the Bootcamp
will be entered into a draw for some great prizes.

 >> And remember, it is all FREE <<

The next Bootcamp will start on January 11, 2021

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