Campus Open House

Join us for a weekend of content,
connection and fun

Get some of our content, meet other PaintShop Pro lovers
and creative people, and get your questions answered.

During the Scrapbook Campus Open House event, you will 

National Scrapbooking Day is on May 4th
This event will take place on the weekend of May 4-5th
(Saturday and Sunday) 
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Sorry, this event is already over. 

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The whole event is completely free. Yes, 100% FREE for the whole thing.

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Since it will be held inside the Scrapbook Campus, we surely will show you things that are here. We will also let you know how you can access a lot more content when you join our DIAMOND membership

If you are not already a member, all the content will be available during the weekend of May 4-5th only. Once you join, all that content (and a lot more) will be yours to watch and download at your convenience.

The video tutorials and classes will be made available for about 24 hours each. 

Some activities, however, can’t be recorded, like the meet and greet and the games.

As a current member, you already have access to all those tutorials and classes, but maybe you had not looked at those yet. It will be a great way to review some lessons you might even have forgotten about. It is like re-reading a book you had in your bookshelf for a few years. It is a re-discovery.

Furthermore, we would be thrilled to meet you face to face too!

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