Lesson 4


This is my fourth. Log in to access the supplies and tutorial.


This time, instead of proposing a ready-made template to use, I'll show you how to create your own. As you will see, it is quite simple to do (and you might get addicted to this, so be warned), and you can make them similar in style to the others you used, or you can make your own series of templates.

For this tutorial, I used a watercolor brush that was downloaded from Brusheezy. You can get the same brushes HERE, for free. You will notice that those are Photoshop brushes (so they are in .abr format), but if you have PSP X5 and above, you can simply import them in PSP. If you have an earlier version, you can always follow the instructions in this tutorial HERE.

Here is my fourth page.

For the background paper, I picked a color from the wall and found one paper that had some texture, in one of the kits (but it was white/grey). So I decided to use the Overlay blend mode to give a very subtle texture to the otherwise plain green.

Remember to show us your page in the forum. Just resize it to 600 pixels first and it will load fine. everyone wants inspiration, so we are waiting for yours.

If you are a DIAMOND member, make sure you are logged in so you can download your extra template.

If now, you can always join now and take advantage of all those extra goodies.