Day 7

If you create a series of pages for an album, even with the given templates, you might want to create one that would make a good double-page for your photos or your stories. Although most of the pages in this challenge would coordinate well in any order, you might have some special photos you want to showcase, and they might look better in a different format. So, today, you will see how you can create your own layered templates.

Of course, you can always create a page without any template, but the idea of creating those templates is to make it easy to use and reuse or even to share with friends.

What template will you create? You can create templates for any number of photos and have more or less space for text and stories. Remember that you can show us your layout but you can also show us the template alone if you want. Just save it as a jpg format and resize it.

Are you considering printing your magazine once it is all created? It could become a nice book to share with others, a great conversation starter or a way to relive those great memories. If you want to, there are various options available to you. Some printing sites offer a way to print a softcover magazine in 12x12 inches format, while others might require you to resize them to 8x8 (which means 2400x2400 pixels). If you don't have too small text, it might still be legible. Click HERE to view our suggested list.

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