Can you create a scrapbook project from scratch, without using ANY pre-made kit?

Can you design your papers, your frames, your alpha and more?

Can you do all that ONLY with your PaintShop Pro?

Yes, you can!

Join us for this 7-day DIAMOND Scrap challenge that will show you how you can create a complete project on your own.

You will get exclusive access to 7 tutorials that will guide you through all the steps needed to create and customize your own designs.

Join us for this challenge

You are on a different time zone and might not be available?

  • The challenge is virtual: you will get the information in daily emails and be directed to a page where the tutorials are recorded, so you can watch them anytime during the day (or the days after)

You don’t work fast enough to create all those elements?

  • Each tutorial is less than 10 minutes long. The longest part will be to play with the options you will have!

You don’t have the same version of PaintShop Pro as in the tutorials?

  • The tutorials were recorded with the latest version of the time, so you will see different versions used. It is ok because you can still use any version you have to follow them.

You don’t have the most recent copy of PaintShop Pro?

  • You can download PSP2019 and complete the challenge during the 30 day FREE trial period although you don’t NEED the latest version.

Through this sneak peek,

you will discover what you can do

with the power of PaintShop Pro and your own creativity.

 >> Even better, it is all FREE <<

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