What can you do with your PaintShop Pro?

Do you want to improve some ordinary photos?

Do you want to turn your photos into fantasy scenes?

Do you want to understand more how to use various tools in PaintShop Pro?

Do you want to create a montage of photos for a special occasion?

Do you want to showcase your photos in a unique way? 


We have hundreds of classes and tutorials for you on a wide variety of topics:

  • how to change the color of your car
  • how to fix old damaged photos of grandma and grandpa
  • how to work with vectors
  • how to use picture tubes (and what they are)
  • how to replace a dull sky by something stunning
  • how to create your custom Christmas cards
  • how to customize your PaintShop Pro
  • how to use shadows effectively to create a realistic 3D effect
  • how to use scrapbook templates to quickly complete pages to showcase your latest vacation
  • how to use scripts to create unique effects
  • … and much more

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I don’t do scrapbooking.

  • There is a lot more than scrapbooking classes in the Campus

I just have an older version of PaintShop Pro

  • No problem. Almost all of the classes and tutorials use basic tools that are available in just about any version.

I cannot attend the tour at that time

  • If you register, you will have access to the replay for 48 hours.

I am brand new to PaintShop Pro. Wouldn’t those classes be too advanced?

  • We have a range of classes and tutorials for all levels. And if you ever get stuck, help is just an email away. We won’t leave you stuck.

Join us for a tour of the Campus
February 27th, 2022, 5pm Eastern

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