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  1. Thank you Carole! I have to admit that I have been making scrapbookpages since 2015, but always in PSE or PS. It is the first time I used (or even opened) PSP. So that took some getting used to. It was fun learning new things and a new program. Thank you!
  2. Cassel, I did not replace the image, I still can see it, I also tried a different browser, to be sure. I still have to go to Microsoft Edge to copy the image to the thread. Evrything else I do in Google Chrome.


    I will try to put the image back in the thread by posting it again...


    I just deleted the image in my post and then put a new link in... I hope you can see it now!

  3. Ann, I am not used to putting the credits in the forum, but in the gallery (most sites do it like that).


    But if you prefer I can add them in the forum as well. I hope I can copy and paste them..


    Added the credits to my images in this thread.

  4. Cassel, I can see all my photos in the thread...


    I edited my post.. I added that the credits are in the gallery, maybe that is why you could not see it?


    Since the image is not linked to the gallery,  can changing something in the gallery affect the post?


    I tried linking my image to the gallery, but then my post went missing... (but that was yesterday-not today)

  5. Cassel, yes my photo got squeezed a bit, I chose 'make image the same size', since I had another picture first, but I had cropped the first one.. I only noticed after I uploaded.


    It took some try and error to come to grips with the shadowing in PSP, but I learned a lot...


    Thank you for your nice comments and your help.

  6. seems my post disapears when I try to link to the gallery...

    So I post again: Project 1

    My son Dennis and my grandson Jonas (son of my daughter)



    Jessica Dunn: My Tribe

    Sahin Designs: Digital Day

    font: Go Panda

    photo: personal



  7. I tried Microsoft Edge.. it worked.

    But this is the second time I post this... the first time it did not show in the thread.. vingers crossed...



    sandwich, plates & cuttlery by Cassel

    paper & 'bon appetit' by jessica Dunn_Comfort Food



  8. Hello, I am Patricia from Ostend in Belgium. I am 62, work fultime as a nurse, divorced, 1 daughter & 1 son, and since approx 6 months I have a grandson, Jonas. He features in most of my recent scrapbookpages.


    I am used to Photoshop, but I thought I give PSP a try. I use PSP2022.


    I use the dark gray workspace colour, so much better for my eyes, and the medium gray background colour.

    I unchecked the docking documents.

    Of course I kept the layerspanel. In PS I use the historypanel often, so I opened it here as well, but put it in auto-hide, same for materials panel.

    I changed the icon size to medium and the text to large, just to make it easier on the eyes.


    Here is a photo I intend to use:

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