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  1. @Cassel I have realized with the text instead of icons on the Layers Palette that I will just work with what I have. It is fine for now as I can always go to Layers in the toolbar at the top and get the options at bottom. Mostly what I use is "New Layer" anyway.

  2. On 5/25/2023 at 10:35 AM, Cassel said:

    @Susan Ewart That is a LOT of birds! That must be quite noisy too as they are usually pretty loud birds.

    @Randy Glad you reposted the image! Did you take those pictures? Maybe you were taking pictures of the same geese as Susan!

    @Ann Seeber My eyes might be playing a trick on me but is there a shadow (or a bevel) on the left side of the word "Wings"?

    @MoniqueN. My brain is happy now! LOL Simple layouts have great advantages: they are faster to complete and can be just as effective in showing off the photos! As for the snap, yes, it should work vertically and horizontally. I am glad to see that you used a different shape for the "pinked" edges. As you can see, any shape can be used. That is actually the basis of my edge punches in the store: just different shapes.

    @Gerry Landreth That is such a cool font!! Looking at your layout, it reminds me of the one I used for the Scraplift challenge, where I have pictures of my grandmother, holding 3 generations in her arms. I was just lucky to have the older pic.

    @Sharla It is nice to see that although you have the same theme and topic for every page, each of them end up looking different. It would not be boring to browse through your list of books because of that!


  3. Project 5

    <<< Thank you Carole >>>
    I knew that I needed to put something together for this upcoming event in June but I have difficulty making decisions on so many things. Well, with the push from Carole, I went in different directions than I would have.  I did (and redid and redid) and have something completely different from what I would have done.  AND I LIKE IT! 

    Thank you for this bootcamp and for other things I have been involved in with your teaching.

    I was a bit skeptical with this one about adding shadows but after doing it, I was really pleased with the effect.  I am hoping that it will still look good when placed on the facebook site.

    I was trying to determine how best to highlight the date and time. 
    I decided to use the colour blocks beside each other rather than spaced out as in video.
    But I liked the spaced out ones too.
    So I have both.
    When I put the text with the font chosen over the blocks, it was a close enough fit after some moving with the Pick tool.
    I made a mistake for text "PM". I reversed the black and white but actually like the way that turned out. So I kept it.

    I did not even know that I needed this but when I got it, I knew it was just right.
    It, to me, conveyed the idea of celebration.
    When I purchased it earlier this week (May 2023), it was free. I do not know how long that will be the case.
    Bokeh Paper - Creative Fabrica - https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/bokeh-sparkle-light-effects-118/
    - I stretched the image to get the starburst where I wanted it and to have the full page covered

    I used the 3D Effects Buttonize to get the colours on the right and left of the background
    height   - 20
    Width    - 909
    Opacity  - 100
    Edge     - Transparent
    Color    - #2e99ee
    - I stretched this to get the effect that I wanted just the right amount on right and left sides, rather than trying to adjust values within the Buttonize to see if that would give me it.

    <<< THE BUTTON >>>
    I used the button that I place on announcements for the event and thought, especially after adding the sunburst, that it fit just right.

    I could not get papers that I liked for some backgrounds of picture so just selected areas and flood filled them

    Film Letters - Creative Fabrica 
    - I could not get what I wanted for the TITLE using the method in the video so I just used the font with a background added

    <<< DATE and TIME FONT >>>
    Baby Blocks - Creative Fabrica
    NOTE - I could not get the colon to work correctly so left a blank, then used Arial Black Font to create the colon and moved it into place.

    Font - Arial Black

    <<< PICTURE FRAME >>>
    The frame is from one of the kits mentioned with Project 5

    To get the gold effect on the frame, I used a script that I created related to a tutorial in Beginners Workshop that I was enrolled in but the site is no longer active. 
    http://bw-forums.com which points to bw-forums.net which no longer is Beginners Workshop and has caused problem for anyone trying to access it.
    I was disappointed to see it go as I was only part way through the training.

    <<< PICTURE >>>
    This was taken from the Church's Facebook Page

    Because I placed the picture completely behind the frame, when I added shadows, there is no visible shadow for the picture.

    <<< NOTE TO SELF (or anyone else) ABOUT SELECTIONS >>>
    A number of times, I found that I seemed to be stuck. 
    Upon further investigation, I found that I had some selected place and had forgotten to deselect.  
    So, whenever I get stuck now, I deselect and then I can proceed.
    Yes, even when I don't think I have anything selected.
    It would be easier if I could remember to deselect, once I am done with the selected area, but at least I am not "stuck" if I just remember to deselect when things stop working.

    <<< Problem encountered >>>
    I have "Guides" and "Snap to Guides" selected and have placed guides in my work, but it does not seem to work for me, it does not "snap". I have to be exact in placement.  I am, no doubt, doing something wrong but I am not sure what.

    When I placed the blocks beside each other, I did my best to have them fit side by side but I know it was not perfect.
    I think of the video software that I use often, Corel Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, in that if I have two video clips and there is a space between them, I can "close the gap" in the software and it moves it directly beside the other clip.
    I would like to be able to do that with PaintShop Pro with two items placed directly beside each other.



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  4. @Cassel I tried what you suggested for View/Customize to get the icons for New Layer \ New Adjustment Layer, etc

    I could not determine where I was supposed to right click so

    1) I clicked on the Toolbars tab at top of Customize window

    2) I selected "Layers Palette Toolbar"

    3) I clicked on the Reset button at the right

    The text disappeared and the box is smaller so that I have more at the bottom. but the box is now blank(no text and no icon). If I hover over, I can see the help text which identifies what should be there.

    NOTE: the icons show for

    New Layer Group

    Delete Layer

    General Preferences


    I did the same thing for Layers Palette Option Toolbar

    now all text is gone from there and I can tell what each box is by hovering over and seeing help text.


    I highlighted places that I would like to see icons (where text was previously).


    >>> EDIT <<< After I made the changes, I took Paintshop down and brought it back up again.

    The text is back in the area that I highlighted.


  5. 7 hours ago, Cassel said:

    @Anne Lamp The first time you mentioned the cam, I thought it was YOUR cam, but now, with all those animals, I know they are not on your property! Good work! Good extraction on the bird!

    @Randy I have some versions that tend to do that and change to text instead of icons. But you can change that. Go to View > Customize and while that window is open, right-click on the text instead of the icon and select Icon in the list that will pop. Your project #4 does not show. Can you repost it?

    @MoniqueN. Great page. The only thing that "annoys" me is the flower showing behind the paper. Even if it is showing as a "paper image", my brain still thinks that the flower should be on TOP of the paper! ?



  6. Project 3

    Butterfly - since I did not have same butterfly as in video, I used the same Drop Shadow as other elements such as pictures.

    Heading Font - Bailenson from Creative Fabrica - https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/bailenson-font/

    Digital Scrapbook -- all of the elements listed below were obtained from Digital Scrapbook

    Green background paper (I used the colour changer tool to change the polkadots to more green)

    Paper with coloured diamonds in circles (I reduced brightness for part I used behind the title)

    Paper with diagonal slashes

    Butterfly (I changed the colour to white using the colour changer tool)

    Folded Paper Flower (I lightened the colour using Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Brightness and Contrast and adjust just the brightness)

    Sunburst (behind the upper left folder paper flower)


    Challenge with font
    When I add a second line, the spacing is too large. 
    So I created a separate text layer for each line. The spacing between lines is probably not exact.
    My settings were
    Offset 13 (I was unable to change)
    Kerning 69
    Miter limit 10
    Leading 0
    Tracking 0

    Challenge with "New Layer" text instead of icon
    In the layers palette, at the bottom is where I can select "New Layer" and other options.
    Mine is in text but would prefer to have the icon.
    I think I tried this before without success, but cannot remember or find the steps to take.
    I think I even tried reinstalling PSP but still the same thing. 
    This is PaintShop Pro 2022 Ultimate.
    In PaintShop Pro 2021 (not Ultimate), I have icons.large.PROJECT360.jpg.9adec47aa841f0b9b1c9bfd724fed6f9.jpg

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  7. Project 2

    I get the opportunity to sing at a couple of Special Care Homes in my province.

    So I thought I would show my guitar. I don't take pictures of the residents singing along with me as there is usually a warning somewhere about taking pictures.

    The background papers were from suggested packs for project 1 and 2. I did change the colours on a couple of them.

    The Treble Clef was from Digital Scrapbooking.

    I cannot recall where I got the musical notes.large.ScrapBootcampProject2Submitted600.jpg.d9a0970d786cb48ed25f78977827352d.jpg

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  8. On 5/17/2023 at 11:55 AM, Ann Seeber said:

    LESSON 3 - My House Finches Love Grape Jelly ... who knew? I thought it was for the Baltimore Orioles who are not here yet. Meanwhile the finches are loving it!


    HOUSE FINCHES_600.jpg

    Your composition looks good enough to be in a magazine!

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  9. On 5/16/2023 at 10:49 PM, Anne Lamp said:

    I got a little carried away with this 1st project.  The sandwich is ham on rye with vegies and mayo,  I didn't want anything hot to drink so I am having orange juice.  I get sloppy so I gave myself some paper napkins. .  I chose the tablecloth because I think I am going to be doing mostly animals for my projects.

    My table 5 23.w sandwich etc 6.jpg

    Thank you for adding the story along with this. It is nice to hear how you made your decisions.

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  10. Project 1 - 

    I tried to add a frame around the flower picture by using shadow on left and right sides.

    >>> I have found that for me, I am unable to  use the frame tool in Paintshop Pro 2022 for largelarge.ScrapBootcampProject1600x600.jpg.6e6ae7efd78f4864445ca46c1dfdcaa1.jpg mages like this  one (3600x3600)

    This may have made the drop shadow that I added for the project look bad around this.

    The picture was taken with my iphone 5S, yes it is old but still works.

    The papers I used were from the suggested pack from Digital Scrapbook site .. I did change the colour of one of the papers.

    For the hearts, I just used the Heart from Preset Shape tool and resized using other papers from the same pack.

    The font used is Varsity Team. I cannot be sure where I got this.




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  11. Day 2 Exercise

    Here is my day 2 exercise. Just trying to catch up so nothing fancy today.

    I did take a shortcut to get my sandwich on the plate. I selected all layers from the sandwich, used Copy/Copy Special/Merged and then just pasted the entire sandwich to the plate.

    I did make sure that I could drag an individual item to the new image.large.ScrapBootcampDay2.png.fbeed5ab36df92592412466c9a2b0227.png



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  12. I have taken the bootcamp before but a refresher is nice.  As far as colour, I prefer the light gray. For background, I use black.



    I keep (but auto hide) Instant Effects - I have set up a number that I use off and on ... actually, I have had this up always but decided that Auto Hide is okay for now and if I need to, I can always keep up all the time.


    I keep Effects Toolbar _ I like what Foil and a couple of others can do

    I keep Scrip Toolbar - I have saved a number of scripts and now taking the Script course


    I have not decided which photos I will be using yet.

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  13. This was quite a challenge for me related to working through it, understanding what was done, and getting time to do it.


    Images – Created using the Kaleidoscope in Paint Shop Pro from the same original image. It is good that we can save Instant Effects because getting the right rotation with the five points is something I would not want to have to figure out each time.


    Materials - from the kit mentioned by Carole (Maris Lerin's kit called Change ) but sometimes different colours than what Carole used.


    Change Colour – When I changed one of the flowers with Hue and Saturation, there was a bit of red colour which I thought was Okay so I left it that way.


    Font – Microdot


    I really like learning how to do things better with PSP and this was certainly containing good things for me.


    Thank you, Carole.  This template workshop has added a number of things AND reinforced what was taught in other workshops and other learning I have been involved in.  Maybe some things will become automatic someday.

  14. Carole #74302






    Carole, Regarding the problem with the Script, I found a solution.


    Somebody had posted on the Corel Forum with the same problem.


    It turns out that the Script Recorder added a Path line to the LayerArrange part of the code. Following the instruction from the Forum (and the example that was supplied), I was able to remove the offending line and get my Script to Run exactly as I wanted.


    In case anyone is interested (or someone can reach out to Corel to have this bug addressed), here is the link https://forum.corel.com/viewtopic.php?t=68584




    Carole, as always, thank you for your valuable input.

  15. MASK with irregular shape – After trying to work with it, I could not get what I wanted so removed it.


    Pictures in the frames – I think I asked this in another workshop – the pictures were duller so adding in frame seemed to cause this – what should I do?


    Frame showing lightly inside other frame – this may be related to my problem with Pictures in the frames – what should I do so that the frame does not show within another frame?


    Frame – picture inside not wide enough. I chose to just try to center it and it is probably okay. I never thought until now that maybe I could have resized the sides of the frame to the picture.


    THE BORDER (FRAME) – I wanted to keep the elements where they were and also to keep the border but did not want it intersecting some of my elements, so I moved it just above the background, behind all the other layers.


    Script Question – creating my own CLIP TO IT – I thought it would be nice to try myself as I try to understand SCRIPTS – I thought I would use the script recorder to capture the steps to create the mask and a script was created – but when I run it, I get an error when it tries to move a layer down (happened when I tried to move the Floating layer down) and (happened when I tried to move the picture below the mask).


    The error says – The arrange command is not valid in the current program state.


    If you have any suggestion as to what to do, I would appreciate knowing.


    NOTE: I created a second script that begins immediately after I manually moved the Floating Layer. The second script executed fine until it reached the part where the picture is moved below the mask ... where it failed.


    I am learning and trying to challenge myself.


    Thank you for these interesting videos.

  16. I decided to try something that Carole had shown in another workshop to use a pattern (which I created using colours from the pictures) to fill to create my papers.


    I know that Spring has officially arrived but I am looking forward to warmer days and the appearance of the spring flowers.

  17. THE PICTURE -- I used a picture I developed using PaintShop Pro. I actually started with something that I set up in Corel Particle Shop and brought it back into PaintShop Pro.  There I used it as a seed to play around with and come up with interesting things using Kaleidoscope. - used also for the background and the bar on the left by selecting as a pattern (I actually took the cropped picture and pasted as new image to be able to get from the pattern - without the surrounding part that I did not want, allowing for a transparent part between each occurrence).


    THE FONT -- Cinerama - The Up and Down effect was accomplished by using lower and upper case alternatively - one has up hill and one has down hill. I really liked what the bevel did to this but I decided to reduce depth to 15 from Carole's setting as I liked that better. It was nice that the number of letters allowed me to have an even number of letters to have the first and last letter in opposite orientation.


    THE PAPER -- from DigitalScrapbook.com - used as background for the text and for the bar on the left.


    OTHER THOUGHTS - I was thinking that it might be nice to work with each of the while circles with this picture also but maybe that would be too busy.


    THE SIDE BAR NOTE - I decided to keep adjusting the setting for the pattern until it fit with the border. If I had been doing this without the template, I probably would have worked a circle to set the pattern in, or made it part of the pattern.


    LEARNING GOES ON - As noted by others, these workshops have the benefit of teaching new things and reinforcing what we have learned in the past.


    CTRL+Y (Redo) - in one of the things I tried, I wanted to add Gaussian Blur and tried multiple times to get it more and more blurry. I wondered if there was a way to get a Gaussian Blur with attitude so that I did not have to apply so many times.


    QUESTION - With the Font, I had to stretch using the pick tool to get to fit to the height and width I wanted. Are there settings on the TEXT tool that I could have used to make this fit without using the pick tool?


    Thank you, Carole for your instruction.


    Thank you to everyone who has posted. Really great works of art have been presented.













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