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Forced to replace Drawing Tablets/Displays because of Windows Updates

Margaret Newcomb

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Hi everyone,   I'm wondering if anyone else is being forced into having to replace their drawing tablets or drawing displays because of Windows 10 most recent updates?


Last month my computer auto updated a cumulative update (they won't let you UNinstall it.


KB5003637  was part of that update.  Anyway, because of that: Both of my drawing tools: One is wacom intuos 2 (an older one) and the other is XP-Pen Artist 22e.....both of them became unusable and basically obsolete overnight!! The XP-Pen Artist one I just bought like 2 years ago, still looks bran new and can't use it.  I'm so upset. I'm finding myself forced into a position of  having to replace one or the other.  Apparently, the ones I have will still work on Mac but not on Windows 10. Yes, I asked and verified with both companies about whether or not either could be used with some kind of not discovered yet...driver/software. Both companies verified that Windows Update made it impossible.


Is anyone else going through this and if so, do you have any tips for choosing a new drawing tablet/display?  I'm concerned about my choice because....If I buy a new tablet or display, how long will it work before another windows update makes it obsolete as well?


Aggravated and desperate for tips/info for replacement shopping.




Thanks, for any info you can share!

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Margaret, I am using an "antique" Bamboo fun that is not even manufactured anymore and so far, I have not had any issue. That is horrible what you are experiencing. I'll poke around and see if I can find anyone using those tablets.
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Thanks Carole, for the quick reply too. I think I'm going with a new Wacom Intuos. (I don't have to have the display like on the artist22e, but it was really nice to use for awhile).


If you're using an old one your doing good! When I went round and round with Xpen over the issue because they advertise LIFETIME SUPPORT (hmmmm?) Yep, NO.  My artist 22 was working fine one day and 24 hours later...done for.  It will still plug in, you can still see paintshop pro and your design your working on, etc. You can no longer access the PEN TABLET software to adjust pen settings, screen settings, or even just so it recognizes your pen! Overnight, the pen tablet and software was gone, out of my computer (by windows).


Finally, Wacom was able to answer a few questions...It has to do with Windows doing a way with  Wintab and any products that require it.  In an effort to make everyone use WINDOWS INK.  So, suddenly, by doing away with it. Wintab drivers were broken.  No one's created any type of driver or software that can over-ride what Windows did (at least not that I could find on my own).  I could plug in both of the units, and light them up, I could not control the pen or the mouse at all.  I searched and searched for answers, tried to uninstall windows update etc. I guess because it's a cumulative update, you have no access to get rid of it.  Xpen told me that if I could get it out of my computer (the update) that my display would work indefinitely, but you have to stop windows from ever putting back in your putor....ughhh!


So, low and behold, I need to find someone who uses a mac, who could possibly get use out of these 2 tablets that I can no longer use.  Otherwise they will end up at the goodwill anyway. (the artist one was almost $700!)  Guess, what?  They are still selling it right now on Amazon (about $400), advertising that it works with windows 10 too, but not telling anyone about the fact that it will no longer work on windows if you've had that update install.??? That's why, I'm probably going with Wacom.


I wonder if wacom has somehow updated your driver/software to compete with these windows changes?  If not, just be aware that it may stop working at any time.


Thanks a lot for your reply.  I hope you have a really good night. I have an mri very early in the a.m. so it will be an early night for me.


Take care!, Margaret

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Margaret, I find that Wacom support is hit or miss. After I upgraded my computer not that long ago, and I could not remember how to set something up, they told me that this model didn't work with Windows 10 and that what I was asking was something the tablet didn't do. Well, it WAS doing it and I figured it out without their help.


One thing I found out is that it occasionally gets out of whack. One function that I use often is to click and drag to scroll when working on a text document or on a web page. At times, it stops working as if it were reset to default or something. In that case, I just have to re-run the .exe file to install it and restart the computer and it is fixed. Annoying, but manageable. It might happen 5-6 times/year.


If you want to sell your current tablet, maybe find a group where artists using Photoshop hang out. Many of them use Mac.


Maybe you can sell it on ebay.

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OMG, you just never know do you?  That's kind of weird. I'm glad you figured it out!  Thanks for the info about Photoshop users. I will probably end up just donating them...I've been purging/downsizing my home for awhile now (35+years of accumulation here).  Anything that can't/don't get used MUST GO lol!  Because of physical issues, I'm finding that I want less STUFF, to store, organize, trip over, etc....Living in a small home has it's challenges but I'm kind of liking LESS STUFFS.  Thanks so much for your help!
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