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Where in the world are you?


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hi  there




Alberta  Canada


longest bridge in Central Alberta; 2nd longest CPR steel trestle in Alberta 2,112 ft. (644 m) long; 110 ft. (33.5 m) tall; length includes 2 truss spans over river with wood trestle abutments on each end; bridge includes 15-75' spans, 15-45' spans and 2-150' truss spans; built 1911-12 over Red Deer River by Alberta Central Railway/CPR; last train 1981, abandoned 1983; purchased by Red Deer County 2009 for $1 as a heritage site, important landmark and part of possible future recreational trail; 3rd longest steel railway trestle in Alberta; 3rd longest CPR bridge in Alberta

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Hi Carole: I don't see my pin on the map. Possibly you put it in New Jersey? I'm attaching a clip of that map showing the Middletown (city) New York, where I am. Actually, here's two clips.. one is larger and shows the state lines of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania aka the Tri-States. I used the marker tool in PSP. Handy, dandy! Hope this helps.
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Mireille: Google translated your location to English for me. You said: "I live in the south of France in Marseille, a city founded by the Greeks 2,600 years ago."


I seriously would like to be there today! The temperature is -2C here today! Brrr! I hope Marseille is warmer.


Welcome to our chatty group. :)

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