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project 4 jasmine

Peggy Jentoft

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I had put my repeat button on the left side of the layer pallete and clicked on the right side   then once I figured that out I think I double shadowed one button but mostly as the paper is dark I cant actually see all of the shadows . At least I finally realized that the move tool and the pan tool were not the same thing
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Took me much longer also.  Why? I don't know!  I'm trying to copy down all of the instructions you give, Cassel, for each of the projects.  I did use your Fire and Ice kit, except for the doily.  That really didn't fit with my pirate.  So I used the pirate ship that I had used for the album and the DVD I created for Chris.  It is a clip art.  It was too bold, so I toyed with the opacity.  Also, the clip art had the ship with a circle around it but on a square background.  I had to get rid of that background, so I used the Selection Tool set to circle.  I really couldn't think of just a one word title and the theme of Chris' 50th Birthday Party was Capn Jack Sparrow.  It was really interesting how you handled the
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