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I can't add any comments to the blog.  I get a message that my email address has been identified as spam and to enter a name to the entry, but there is no space for a name.


I've been pretty quiet lately because my computer screamed at me and I decided I'd better take it into be looked at.  I should learn from experience because the reason it screamed was identical to the reason why a previous computer screamed at me:   cat fur had worked its way inside the hard drive.   Sigh.  I should have it back on Monday.  Meanwhile, I'm working off a somewhat alien lap top.  Not going completely smoothly.

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Nope.  This is the message I'm getting (by the way, this is no big deal for me so if you need to work on the class for tomorrow, don't worry about this now):


ERROR: Your comment appears to be spam.


"[email protected]" appears to be spam. Please enter a different value in the Name field.


Please go back and check all parts of your comment submission (including name, email, website, and comment content).


If you are a logged in user, and you are seeing this message repeatedly, then you may need to check your registered user information for spam data.

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This is strange.


You are already logged in, obviously, right?


Are you adding a link to the comment?


If it thinks you are a spammer (which WE know you are not) it might have blocked you from commenting for an hour. Maybe wait a tiny bit?

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Such a wonderful forum about scrapbooking. I had decided to add scrapbooking to my hobby list since now i have lot of time as im not working full time on my towing job. Not only does a well-made scrapbook protect and preserve your photos, it also makes the photos themselves more fun to look at. Most people would much rather thumb through a scrapbook with its extra, fun touches than a plain photo album. Scrapbooks Make Great Gifts


Because they are so personal, scrapbooks make a great gift for a loved one on a special day. Some especially good occasions to give a scrapbook as a gift are: weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, graduations, and retirement parties.


Scrapbooks show that you put a lot of time and thought into your gift and can be a wonderful keepsake for the receiver.

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