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Can the Separator Tab (file tab) be made with vectors?


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30 minutes ago, Suzy said:

Can this Separator Tab be made with vectors so the jagged edges could be at a minimum? https://scrapbookcampus.com/element-creation-index/separator-tab/

Yes, you can work with vectors if you prefer. The steps will be slightly different since you cannot shape and delete vectors the same way as rasters, but if you are familiar enough with the tools/commands available, you can surely do it.

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Oh, good, plus if it’s a vector, we can make it into a shape, or a mask, or whatever it is you do to reuse over and over again. Lol!

I think it would make a good tutorial in the Lab - you know, some month when you’re not sure what to do? That would be a good choice!  Because I still can’t erase sections of a vector. But I don’t want to waste everybody’s time in a Q&A because those people are vector savvy!  ( I also am hit and miss on drawing a line….like the maps we did? I had to make one today and just kept plunking different settings to get the odd shape into a dotted line.  It was the materials palette which shape-shifted on me!)

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