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Nexus Font Viewer

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Bonnie, if you have PSP open before selecting the font in the font viewer, it probably won't see it.

My experience in the past with various font viewers is that the font viewer needs to be open before opening PSP (or any graphic program).

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1 hour ago, Bonnie Ballentine said:

Thank you, Rene...I tried that...for me it didn't work. I am doing something wrong...don't know what.

Bonnie - I've stopped loading the fonts I'm downloadiing from Creative Fabrica.  But, when they have a bundle of fonts, I make a new folder under my main font folder called the new name.  It doesn't matter if I load NexusFont before or after I open PSP 2022.  BUT I sometimes have to work with NexusFont to recognize all my subfolders.  So, I remember the font name of one of the new fonts and then make sure that the View>Include Subfolders is checked and then watch for the name of that font when it is loading them.  Then all the fonts are in my PSP font list.  I don't have to go to it in NexusFont, I just use the PSP font list and it is there.  Tried it several times tonight just to make sure.  I had downloaded a font bundle today and it originally didn't show in Nexus Font so I clicked on the name of my main folder showing in Nexus Font and again did View>Include Subfolders and saw the new fonts being loaded.  Then I went to PSP and they were there.

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